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Horeca Optima | Consulting Horeca | Antwerpen

Tailored advice


Glad to receive you as a visitor on our website. Welcome!  

Horeca Optima specializes in optimizing all important procedures within the hospitality industry with the aim of increasing efficiency and profitability. Our extensive expertise and pragmatic approach guarantee to achieve the intended objectives. A clear method, explained in detail in advance, guarantees you a transparent and 'to-the-point' result.


We are happy to share our know-how with entrepreneurs or managers from a wide variety of hospitality concepts: from modest cafe, over restaurant to hotel ... we are here for you!  

We can also provide government or semi-government institutions with advice or guidance in their hospitality-related activities.  

Be sure to contact us, without any obligation, and we will be happy to make time for you to listen to your story and see what we can do for you in concrete terms.

See you soon,

Reginald BOUW

Company Owner of Horeca Optima



Reginald Bouw

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Our vision

Our vision is not to overwhelm you with grandiose theories; well to provide you with very practical, proven solutions - tailored to your hospitality business - that should enable you to achieve your objectives.

After an extensive personal meeting, we can determine together where the opportunities and priorities lie for your specific company.

A strategic step-by-step plan can be tailor-made, implemented, followed up, adjusted and evaluated.

Chef's Kitchen


optimalisatie van alle procdures binnen een horecabedrijf

Horeca Optima has developed a budget-friendly audit/examination method especially for hospitality companies.  Your organization will be tested on 120 different parameters with the aim of mapping out all optimization possibilities and proposing an action plan. 

This screening is all-inclusive, including a 'Mystery Visit' to your business.  


Within 4 weeks you will receive a detailed audit report with very practical and tailor-made recommendations that you can use to further optimize your organization.

Info meeting

Personal interview


Info meeting

Personal interview


Mystery Visit



Mystery Visit

Audit report



Audit report


Action plan



Action plan


Curious about the opportunities for your hospitality business?

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advies en consulting van en voor de horeca

Sales strategy

What are your selling prices based on?  How do you determine the selection and offer of dishes and drinks on your menu?  what time are you  optimal rendering of suggestions...  

In short, which sales strategy is needed to increase your sales figures and how can better profit figures be achieved?

advies en consulting van en voor de horeca

HR | Staff members

Do new & existing employees regularly receive the necessary training/guidance in function of their well-defined range of tasks?  Does the remuneration method evolve with your company?  What about motivation...  Good employees are invaluable to your business; treat them that way!

advies en consulting van en voor de horeca


Do you have a calculated marketing plan?  Are new forms of communication being used optimally?  Where are the opportunities/challenges...  many questions that are not always asked and/or answered correctly. As an experienced Horeca expert, we provide you with the necessary tools to conduct an efficient marketing policy

advies en consulting van en voor de horeca


Receive customers hospitably? How to offer real added value by rolling out a hospitality policy tailored to your company? Not obvious, but oh so important to make your catering story a real success!

advies en consulting van en voor de horeca


Are food cost and profit coefficient management under control?  What is the purchase policy?  Are expense expenditures regularly reviewed? A transparent evaluation of the financial policy and consistent adjustments are a 'must' for every catering entrepreneur who wants to remain successful in the future.

advies en consulting van en voor de horeca


Website, social media, menus, wine cards, business cards, interior, e-mail communication, clothing, look & feel, offer, house style ... all 'actors' are perfectly attuned to each other in function of the communication to  your target audience?

In addition to the areas of expertise mentioned above, we have a separate HORECA TRAINING section.

Here we offer coaching programs tailored to your company and within your budget.

Training for your staff or for yourself as a business manager?

You can count on our expertise and know-how!



These companies preceded you and now benefit from the optimization tools provided by Horeca Optima, tailored to their company!

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Université de Namur
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Feu d'or - Nieuwpoort

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Horeca Optima

Company owner : Reginald Bouw

+32 475 661 987

Horeca Optima

Region of West and East Flanders  

Hospitality consultant: Evelien Barroo

+32 478 45 06 86

Horeca Optima

Region Vlaams-Brabant en Limburg

Horeca Optima | Consulting Horeca | Antwerpen
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